February is The Feel Good Month

By the powers invested in us (by us!), Buoyant Brands hereby declares the month of February 2021 as The Feel Good Month. Why this declaration? 

Though uplifting Valentine’s Day is February 14th, we’ve all come through a very trying 2020, especially due to Covid. Among all the precious lives lost, Covid hammered a very strong U.S. economy, killed many thousands of businesses, and financially injured the working class. And, in dramatic fashion, Covid severed critically important human connections, disrupting love and friendships. One day alone, Valentine’s Day, is simply not enough time to begin the process of restoring human connections and all the wonderful things that come with it – love, passion, romance, affection, compassion, and even admiration and friendship.

Please join Buoyant in celebrating, all throughout February, The Feel Good Month by helping make others - your significant other, your family, friends, partners, business associates and, perhaps, someone you don’t even know – feel good again. And what better way to do so, than with the gift of chocolate!

In the spirit of reconnecting, Buoyant has created 5 new and very relevant Guilty Pleasures products perfect for Valentine’s Day and The Feel Good Month.

  • Passion Fruit Cheesecake Truffles
  • Breakfast in Bed chocolate bar
  • Blackberry Mango Crunch Bark
  • Sextuplets Meltaway Squares (Assortment No.2)
  • Salty Sweets chocolate squares 

And for those looking to make the ultimate human connection, we would like to introduce you to our newest functional product, designed as an aphrodisiac – chocolate LOVE SQUARES. They’re our latest hemp-derived CBD product and we’re confident you’re going to LOVE IT! Why, exactly? It’s in the formulation.

  • CBD (contributes to a positive mindset & calms)
  • Blackberry (helps increase stamina)
  • Damiana (increases circulation & sensitivity)
  • Ashwagandha (lowers stress levels)
  • Cinnamon (increases blood flow and has a warming effect)

Buoyant is all in to help you make this Valentine’s Day a uniquely special one, and to establish The Feel Good Month as the beginning in the restoration of human connections. Thank you!

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