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M-PWR: Functional Mushroom Creamer
M-PWR: Functional Mushroom Creamer
M-PWR: Functional Mushroom Creamer
M-PWR: Functional Mushroom Creamer
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M-PWR: Functional Mushroom Creamer

There's nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee - the taste - the ritual. Yet coffee replacement startups want you to abandon YOUR favored coffee for their all-mushroom medley. We say, KEEP YOUR COFFEE. SUPERCHARGE IT WITH M-PWR, The #1 Alternative to Coffee Alternatives!

M-PWR is the ultimate functional mushroom creamer intelligently crafted to revolutionize your daily favored hot beverage routine. Harnessing the power of nature’s finest superfood mushrooms, M-PWR delivers a delicious fusion of scientifically proven earthy goodness and taste, elevating your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate drink into a measurable wellness experience.

M-PWR your day and enjoy enhanced cognitive clarity and sustained energy levels. Formulated with precision, our carefully selected blend of Lion's Mane and Cordyceps mushrooms, along with healthy fats, like coconut oil (Omega 3's), creates a creamy flavorful brew that invigorates your senses and boosts mental performance.

Don’t just settle for an ordinary creamer; embrace our transformative elixir – M-PWR. Each sip offers a burst of vitality, infusing your beverage with nutrients that support brain function and unlock your potential.

M-PWR effortlessly blends into your favorite hot beverages, providing a smooth and delightful taste. Buoyant Superfoods’ commitment to quality ensures that every scoop of M-PWR is packed with the finest ingredients, ensuring optimal freshness and maximum health benefits.

Servings per Bag:

  • 30 servings (8 oz. cups) - One scoop or healthy tablespoon
  • 15 servings (16 oz. cups) - Two scoops or healthy tablespoons

Functional Mushrooms in M-PWR Creamer:

  • Lion's Mane - For Heightened Focus and Concentration; Memory Enhancement
  • Cordyceps - Increases Stamina and Energy, Reduces Fatigue, and is a Potent Antioxidant

Keep YOUR Coffee. M-PWR It!

M-PWR: The #1 Alternative to Coffee Alternatives

Note: A milk frother is recommended, but not included...yet! Butterfly mug not included.

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