About Buoyant

Cleveland, Ohio-based Buoyant Brands Inc. dba Buoyant Chocolates & Confections is a focused health + wellness + happiness company. At the heart of every Buoyant product is a painstaking, but affectionate, focus on bold, in-your-face flavors – flavors that reward your palette with genuine memorable experiences. There are no subtle nuances in what we craft in our kitchens. We use only the best ingredients – premium chocolate imported from Europe, herbs, spices, tree nuts and peanuts sourced from around the world, vanilla from Madagascar, cream and butter from regional dairies, and flavorings, juices, and pastry ingredients from domestic and European manufacturers. Our products are elegant in appearance and are categorized into two distinct premium product lines – Guilty Pleasures and Beneficial Edibles.

Buoyant Guilty Pleasures are the epitome of fine chocolates and confections. They embody the quality, flavor, presentation and experience you should demand from a premium chocolate brand.

Buoyant Beneficial Edibles represent an expansion of our decade plus experience in chocolates and confections and are produced with the same loving care and affection as our Guilty Pleasures products. Beneficial Edibles, however, are intelligently formulated with federally legal hemp-derived cannabinoids (such as CBD) and, in some product formulas, complementary wellness enhancing ingredients (such as natural herbs and botanicals) that directly address public health needs. Buoyant also offers premium hemp dog chews for man’s best friend.

Our chocolates and JEMS (fresh fruit gummies), known throughout the emerging legal cannabis industry as ‘edibles,’ are formulated to engage the endocannabinoid system, delivering a feeling and sense of mental and physical well-being.

The human condition presents many challenges in our everyday lives. Taking on these human challenges with intelligent formulations alone is not enough. Our chocolates and JEMS must taste fabulous after they have been infused with all the other natural goodness we put into them. This is where flavor meets science. Our combinations of premium ingredients and flavorings result in superior tasting products while providing solutions to many of the things that challenge us daily. After all, we’re Buoyant Brands, The Feel Good Company.

More About Our Product Formulations

Our intelligent product formulations are rooted in history, where herbal and botanical formulas have been successfully used for hundreds of years and updated as a result of developments in various fields of modern-day science. Simply stated, Buoyant Beneficial Edibles are infused with hemp-derived cannabinoids and natural herbs and botanicals to achieve maximum effectiveness.

We select the purest, lab tested and certified distillates from our highly reputable third-party providers. To achieve full synergies within our natural, plant-based herbal and botanical formulas we add other botanicals commonly known as adaptogens. Adaptogens are non-toxic plants, specifically herbs and roots, known to help the body resist stressors of all kinds - whether physical, chemical, or biological - that have been used for centuries in Chinese, and other, healing traditions. Buoyant Beneficial Edibles are subject to grueling regulatory oversight by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.


Buoyant directly sells its products online and through an expanding national network of authorized resellers.

Additionally, Buoyant renders private labeling services to third-party hemp brands.