Private Labeling for Hemp Brands

In addition to our online sales activities, Buoyant Brands provides full turnkey production and packaging services to new and established hemp industry brands.

When you partner with Buoyant, you gain instant access to our proprietary production processes, our industry-leading expertise, and our world-class customer service team.

Buoyant works with you to spec the products you want to offer under your own label, develop the respective products, select product packaging, and provide guidance for product labeling. Once all key decisions have been made and we’ve been given the green light, Buoyant produces your products, provides lab testing, packages your product, and ships them to you for further distribution.

Simply stated, we offer a complete turnkey solution that allows you the ability to sell the finest quality chocolate edibles and fresh fruit JEMS (aka gummies) in the industry, under your own label, without getting your hands sticky!

Reach out to us with your interests. Please be sure to provide your full name, company name, email address, preferred phone number, and company website URL in your email, among the information you provide.

Partner With Us. Thank you.