BuoyantPet Affiliate Program

Premium Hemp Dog Chews


Program Description

BuoyantPet’s Affiliate Program allows influencers and other trusted advisors, as defined solely by Buoyant Brands Inc., to earn a sales Referral Commission on the direct sale, by Buoyant, of its Premium Hemp Dog Chews, to consumers who learn about our Chews through the proactive actions and efforts of an approved BuoyantPet Affiliate (BPA).

Approved BuoyantPet Affiliates are generally individuals and businesses that have elected not to become BuoyantPet Authorized Resellers, but meet influencer and trusted advisor standards established by Buoyant Brands Inc. BPA’s recommend BuoyantPet Products to their unique followers and/or customer/client bases.

Approved BuoyantPet Affiliates are provided with a unique BPA Number that is shared with a BPA’s prospective buyers of BuoyantPet products. Buyers navigate to the buoyantbrands.com website where buyers make their purchase using the BPA number they have been provided. Buyers receive their purchased product via USPS shipping, or other methods, direct from Buoyant Brands.

Buoyant tracks all customer purchases made via each unique BPA Number, calculates the commission due each BPA on a monthly basis, and then pays the BPA its earned Referral Commission. 

Becoming a BuoyantPet Affiliate

Parties interested in becoming a BPA are asked to complete a brief questionnaire for review by Buoyant. If approved, you will be asked to invest $40.00, payable via PayPal, to become a BPA. In exchange for your buy-in investment, you will receive (a) a 60-piece jar of our Beef Flavored Premium Hemp Dog Chews (treat your own dog to them, or share them as samples with others) and (b) 50 units of our 3.5” x 3.5” mini-brochure.

The BuoyantPet Referral Commission

In exchange for your efforts, you will earn an eighteen percent (18%) commission on the net retail sales price of our respective products for every product sold under your unique BPA Number. To be clear, you are not commissioned on shipping charges, if any, or on state sales tax, if any.

How to Apply

  • Send a quick email to Contact@BuoyantBrands.com expressing your interest in becoming a BuoyantPet Affiliate. You may have already done so.
  • Buoyant will email you an Affiliate Program description and a link to a brief Affiliate Application. Complete the Application and click on Submit when finished.
  • We will let you know, via email, if you qualify to become a BuoyantPet Affiliate. If you are approved, we will send you a PayPal request for your Buy-In Investment.
  • Once we receive your payment, we’ll email you your unique BPA Affiliate Number and ship your Dog Chews and brochures.
  • You’re ready to begin leveraging your love for dogs, and your human network. It’s time to help man’s best friend and make some money in the process.


From time to time it may be necessary, for any number of business reasons, for Buoyant Brands Inc. to modify, or otherwise change, the Affiliate Program including, but not necessarily limited to, modification/change to (a) the Program itself, (b) who may become or remain a BuoyantPet Affiliate, (c) the Referral Commission, and/or (d) the frequency and/or method of payment of Referral Commissions due. All that aside, please know that we will endeavor to do our best to improve upon the Program at all times.


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